Know every individual like they’re your only customer

Twilio’s CustomerAI technology helps you combine real-time engagement data with AI to know your customers better.

What is CustomerAI?

CustomerAI couples the power of large language models (LLMs) with real-time customer data flowing through Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform, helping companies better understand and unlock the potential of their customers while providing deeper value using predictive artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Connect the dots across the customer lifecycle

Twilio is infusing CustomerAI into customer touchpoints across marketing, sales, and service.

Build smarter campaigns with more engaging content
Twilio Segment’s customer data platform (CDP) enables businesses to capture, analyze and act on customer signals in real-time across all channels. Working in tandem with Segment’s ‘golden customer profile,’ generative and predictive AI will streamline ideation and execution of campaigns while curating high-quality, bespoke experiences.

Deliver outstanding and personalized customer service
Businesses will have greater visibility into the trends impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of their contact center. Plus, generative AI will help provide a “TLDR” of a customer’s history, customized AI-generated responses during interactions informed by the customer’s Segment profile, and an LLM trained on the knowledgebase.

Streamline authentication while growing safely and securely
Determine the best ways to authenticate every user, block bad actors, and know exactly who your real customers are—beyond just their device. Plus, CustomerAI will help build deeper insights on what makes them unique along the way.

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Leverage conversational intelligence with the CustomerAI Perception Engine

At SIGNAL 2023, we unveiled the CustomerAI Perception Engine, a new way to build rich customer profiles by using AI to harness data within Messaging and Voice conversations.

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