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Phone number identity



Formatting and validation

Validate and reformat phone numbers automatically to match national and global dialing standards for optimal deliverability.


Inbound caller identification

Identify inbound callers then personalize outreach using the verified caller or business name to improve conversions, security, and customer experience. Only available in the US.

$0.01 per request

Identity match

Prevent bots and false account creation. Confirm the ownership of a mobile phone number by comparing user-supplied data against authoritative sources.

$0.10 per request*

Reassigned number risk

Get a risk assessment for if a number has been reassigned since the user’s last consent date.

$0.02 per request

 * Prices vary per country. More information on docs.

Phone number routing



Line type intelligence

Identify the carrier and phone line type from mobile, landline, fixed VoIP, non-fixed VoIP, toll free, and more to mitigate fake accounts, scrub contact lists, and improve deliverability.

$0.008 per request

Phone number risk assessment



SMS pumping risk

Powered by advanced machine learning models, SMS pumping risk can effectively identify and flag malicious behavior associated with phone numbers involved in SMS Pumping Fraud.

ROW $0.025 per request

SIM swap and call forwarding

Detect SIM swap to stop fraud and account takeovers with timestamps and dates of any SIM changes, plus configurable risk tolerance that enables accurate modeling and metrics.